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Help for English support

Đã gửi: 17 Th.9 2008, 07:51
bởi PollMaster
Since it is painfully obvious no one from the support team responds to anything in the English Corner anymore, I guess I will try here....

Can we please get some info in ENGLISH on this status of the portal and some kind of update? We have been begging for something for weeks and get nothing but spammers for replies.

Please, help us out here.

Re: Help for English support

Đã gửi: 21 Th.9 2008, 03:18
bởi desperadohp
Yez, I think all mems of support team is being busy +:) if you have some questions, pls contact in my sig. I will help you.

Re: Help for English support

Đã gửi: 22 Th.9 2008, 05:21
bởi PollMaster
Too busy to answer a question in english? They don't seem to be too busy with anything in Vietnamese...

Ok, I guess I will try asking the same question I have been posting for over 6 weeks now via email.

Fingers crossed.

Re: Help for English support

Đã gửi: 27 Th.9 2008, 07:17
bởi PollMaster
As expected, no answer from that either.

What the HELL is the big fucking deal that we can't get a single answer to one question.

I've had it with this stupid thing. I will remove it from my site and go find someone that actually shows a little support for the crap they write.

Thanks for nothing.

Re: Help for English support

Đã gửi: 14 Th.10 2008, 13:54
bởi PollMaster
Two weeks later and we are still waiting for an answer.

What is the big secret??????????????????

Is this a dead project now????????????

Re: Help for English support

Đã gửi: 24 Th.12 2008, 07:59
bởi carlyse_09
I think they are busy for doing some other things.Its a holiday season and hopefully you will get the answer soon.I'll be glad to hear those.