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Abandoned MOD

Đã gửi: 02 Th.6 2009, 22:55
bởi t3hn00b
KTVM portal is marked as abandoned in .. I want to use this mod but not sure if it works fine with 3.05 phpbb on a live board.. Is this portal stable enough for a live site?? I really like this news system handled by the portal actually

Re: Abandoned MOD

Đã gửi: 03 Th.6 2009, 21:31
bởi Nicknr
I've installed this to a board running 3.0.4 and it has been fine with me since the update went in.

Re: Abandoned MOD

Đã gửi: 24 Th.7 2009, 02:08
bởi nedka
Uhm, I used KTVM as the portal page for this site, and surely, I always use it :) and you always find latest updates for KTVM at here.