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Just wondering...

General discussion about phpBB3 and all its related things: MODs, styles, translations...
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Đang tập cài phpBB
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Ngày tham gia: 10 Th.10 2007, 19:22
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Just wondering...

Bài viết bởi varteju » 10 Th.10 2007, 19:30


First I would like to express my gratitude for finding this forum which seems to have everything I need in order for me to take my next big step.
However I need your input on my 'step'. My forum is currently running on phpbb2.017. It has around 700 members, not all active of course. It is basically a small community. I would like to know whether you suggest me to move on to phpbb3. My forum has gotten a little out of hand...i've installed bunch of hacks, i get lots of spam users and it started to become unorganized. Switching to phpbb3 I guess would give my forum a fresh start and also a more organized, professional look. However, I know I will lose all my hacks. Is there any way to keep some main ones however...such as: Activity Mod, Album, Music?
Overall, would you guys recommend me to make the switch to phpbb3?

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Just wondering...

Bài viết bởi nedka » 10 Th.10 2007, 20:06

With Photo Album of phpBB2 (its author is Smartor), you can use Photo Gallery (Handyman) 0.1.0, this download package included "upgrade script", you can convert/upgrade Photo Album of Smartor (phpBB2) to this MOD (phpBB3).

Music Online MOD, currently I don't have any information about its version for phpBB3... :o Activity MOD is like that. However, phpBB3 had "Arcade Room MOD" very great with very many games are available here: viewforum.php?f=105
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